Abstract: The beam flanges are welded to the column flange with full penetration groove welds and the beam web is bolted to a shear tab, which is shop welded to the column flange.

Supplementary welds are sometimes provided between the shear tab and beam web.To develop improved details for welded unreinforced connections the effects of weld metal, weld access hole geometry, beam web attachment, continuity plates, and panel zone strength on cyclic ductility were investigated using non-linear finite element models by Abaqus and full-scale connection tests. The results from these studies are presented, along with recommendations to insure ductile connection performance.


J.M. Ricles, J.W. Fisher, Le-Wu Lu, E.J. Kaufmann-"Development of improved welded moment connections for earthquake-resistant design"-Journal of Constructional Steel Research 58 (2002) 565–604