نحوه مدلسازی شیب شیروانی دیوار حائل خاک فونداسیون در آباکوس

The mechanical behavior of structures that are in contact with soil is affected by the interaction between the soil and the structure (SSI). Some structures where SSI is especially important are buildings, bridges and oil rigs.There are numerous constitutive models that describe the inelastic behavior of soils, with the Mohr-Coulomb criterion being the simplest to implement. For a more accurate analysis, more advanced constitutive models should be used such as Cam-Clay, Drucker Prager but the Mohr-Coulomb criterion gives a good first approximation of the inelastic behavior. When modeling the soil as a continuum, the Mohr-Coulomb criterion is implemented in Abaqus/CAE

Embankment Soil Dam Modelling Abaqus


Embankment dams are structures used for water storage, energy production , flood control and irrigation. One of the main causes of the embankment dam failure is seepage .