Masonry modeling in abaqusModelling of masonry structures under static and dynamic loads compared with experimental studies has low cost, but must be considered that these models provide accurate results when the components and interactions between them and the forces applied to the modelling has done accurately.Masonry structures due to bed joints have anisotropic behaviour that shows orthotropic softness and strength characteristics which would depend on the interactions between materials.To analyze the masonry structures, micro and macro modelling methods are examined.In micro modelling all components and materials are modelled individually, while in macro modelling whole wall is modelled as a part including mortar, block and joints properties.

Micro Macro Modelling Masonry Infill Frame Abaqus مدلسازی سازه بنایی آباکوس میانقاب قاب فولادی میکرو ماکرو

Abstract: Nonlinear numerical modeling of masonry-infilled frames is one of the most complicated problems in structural engineering field. This complexity is attributed to the existence of joints as the major source of weakness and material nonlinearities as well as the infill-frame interaction which cannot be properly modeled using the traditional finite element methods.

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Abstract : Reinforced masonry buildings are technically and economically suitable options for earthquake-prone countries, inadequate connections between the components of these structures cause damage and destruction in an earthquake. Percentage and connection type between wall and concrete slab is the most effective parameter in safety of these buildings.