Hydraulic Structures

dam modeling in abaqus sluid structure interaction fsiOptimally designed structure generally saves large investments especially for a large structure. The size of hydraulic structures is usually huge and thus requires a huge investment. If the optimization techniques are employed in the design stage, the project investment can be effectively minimized.In the study of fluid-structure interaction, one of the main problems is identifying the hydrodynamic pressure applied to the dam body during an earthquake. three methods are used in solving the fluid-structure interaction problem through the use of the finite element method. These methods are: Westergard, Coupled Euler- Lagrangian (CEL) and Lagrange-Lagrange.

Embankment Soil Dam Modelling Abaqus Deformation Sliding


Embankment dams are structures used for water storage, energy production , flood control and irrigation. One of the main causes of the embankment dam failure is seepage .