Concrete-filled steel tubular (CFT) columns have many constructional advantages, such as high energy absorption, formwork economy and high ductility because the steel tube effectively confines the concrete core.

This study presents the numerical abaqus modeling results of 32 axially loaded concrete-filled steel tubular columns (CFT). The load was introduced only on the concrete core by means of two high strength steel cylinders placed at the column ends to evaluate the passive confinement provided by the steel tube. The columns were filled with structural concretes with compressive strengths of 30, 60, 80 and 100 MPa.


Walter Luiz Andrade de Oliveira, Silvana De Nardin, Ana Lúcia H. de Cresce El Debs, Mounir Khalil El Debs- “Evaluation of passive confinement in CFT columns”- Journal of Constructional Steel Research 66 (2010) 487_495