Concrete Structures

concrete modeling in abaqusReinforced concrete is a complicated material to be modeled within finite element packages. A proper material model in finite element model should inevitably be capable of representing both elastic and plastic behavior of concrete in compression and tension. The complete compressive behavior should include both elastic and inelastic behavior of concrete including strain softening regimes. There are quite large numbers of numerical material models available to develop complete stress-strain curves of concrete for compression and tension like CDP(Concrete Damage Plasticity). However, these methods are not directly applicable with the input format required for the finite element packages like ABAQUS FE package.

 تیر و اتصال مرکب تیر فولادی و ستون بتنی در آباکوس

Abstract:Over the past few decades considerable experimental and numerical studies have been conducted on the Reinforced Concrete columns to Steel beams (RCS) connections.

BRB Modeling In Abaqus

Abstract:This work presents a numerical model of the cyclic structural behavior of dissipative buckling-restrained braces, commonly used as an alternative to classical concentric braces for seismic protection of building frames and other structures.

Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams Modelling Abaqus

Abstract:In a coupled-wall structure, the behavior of coupling beams significantly affects the overall system efficiency and performance.A reliable earthquake-resistant systemis represented by coupled shear walls, in which two vertical elements are interconnected by short and deep beams.

Concrete Filled Tublar Steel Column CFT Model In Abaqus


Concrete-filled steel tubular (CFT) columns have many constructional advantages, such as high energy absorption, formwork economy and high ductility because the steel tube effectively confines the concrete core.


Abstract : The addition of FRP materials to upgrade deficiencies or to strengthen structural components can save lives by preventing collapse, reduce the damage to infrastructure, and the need for their costly replacement.


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Concrete Structure